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Thanks for the balance Jacinta Howard! I am now starting my dream job within 2 weeks of resetting my career goals. Thank you!

Sherron B

I would like to share with you my experiences after recently attending an Infinity Healing session with Jacinta Howard.I attended the session not really understanding what to expect.During my healing I experienced an unusual feeling in my abdomen which I believe was my accepting the healing from Jacinta.Also that night I awoke during the night calling out “Go Away” I had been dreaming I was watching a dark smoke in the corner of the room circling away which I am sure took away all my worries and negative energies.I feel my mind is much clearer and I am feeling overall very happy.I can’t wait to have another Infinity Healing with Jacinta and highly recommend her.


My treatment with Jacinta included a kiniesology balance and an infinity healing.  Jacinta was very caring, knowledgable and professional, it was easy to feel at ease around her.  The meditation the infinity healing brought was such a highlight, I feel more in tune with my goal and believe I can do it! I would highly recommend Jacinta. She is amazing.


I was very honored to have an Infinity Healing from Jacinta.  It was a beautiful experience.  Jacinta is a kind and sensitive healer, she takes the time to be present, be aware of the issues that need to be dealt with and with professionalism she provides a safe healing environment.  I felt the energy moving and was able to become aware of where I was storing issues within my body and felt the release of them as the energy flowed.  I highly recommend Jacinta to anyone who wants to make shifts in their lives and clear blocks and issues that are holding them back.  Jacinta thank you for providing a safe space to explore and release.  May you be Blessed Abundantly.


After 4 long days suffering from a respiratory infection, I had a kinesiology ‘balance’ with Jacinta. She was caring, knowledgeable and thorough in her treatment; giving me manageable homework to maintain ongoing wellness. Within hours I have felt so much better, rejuvenated by a 9 hour sleep and returned to my practice of meditation. I have absolute confidence in your ability to support healing, prevent imbalance and encourage direction.

Sarah H, (Naturopath & Remedial Massage Therapist)

After receiving a treatment from Jacinta, my body felt balanced & centered! Her ability to connect & gentle touch was beautiful. I highly recommend a treatment with her

Rita (Teacher – mind and body focus)

Since receiving kinesiology balances from Jacinta I have experienced dramatic improvements in various areas of my life. These include (but are certainly not limited to) postural/structural changes and resultant increases in muscular strength, improved relationships with friends, enhanced creative output and motivation, and improved skin conditions. Her skilled work as a kinesiologist has helped me enormously over the 6 months I have been seeing her. She is extremely professional and always makes me feel very comfortable during appointments. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. 


Jacinta has really helped me to start to work through some blockages that I have carried for years now and I truly appreciate the way I feel after my appointments. She explains everything if I have any questions and I love the combination of messages from the cards and flower essences worked into the session. She has helped me to create a session goal each time that is personalised and tweaked to ensure its meeting my needs. I have found that the positive affirmations she gives to me help to keep my goal achievement on track in between visits. I have recommended Jacinta to my friends and I am grateful to have been referred to her also as she has been so helpful and of great guidance for my first experience with kinesiology!


Jacinta and Marissa are both experienced and authentic healers who are passionate about energy work, and enjoy helping people feel better in all spheres of life. 

They are highly skilled, and intuitively able to assist with emotional release work and energy balancing,to enhance peace and harmony - personally and in relationships.

I recently attended their workshop which was well presented, comprehensive and tailored to the needs of individual participants. Their personal caring approach, and fresh teaching style, assisted my understanding and also facilitated insights. I've already integrated many of the practical energy clearing techniques and am noticing beneficial changes in my sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Being both friends and colleagues enables Marissa and Jacinta to work well together - utilising each other's strengths. 

I unreservedly recommend them as enthusiastic co-presenters and also individual healing practitioners. I am deeply grateful for them sharing their collective wisdom so enthusiastically and also for offering ongoing support as necessary.


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